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Whether you’re after Yamaha Wolverine accessories for increased safety like 4-point harnesses, helmets, and roll cage buttresses, or Yamaha Wolverine accessories for better productivity like packout tool boxes, pull-behind trailers / farming implements, and bed extenders, we’ll hook you up with both essential Yamaha Wolverine accessories as well as optional-but-awesome Yamaha Wolverine accessories here at Everything Yamaha Offroad! No matter if you live in an arid climate and require a cab enclosure, particle separator, and washable foam air filter to deal with dust, or if you live in a wet climate and need dielectric grease, snorkels, and mud tires to deal with water, we have the right products for you and your Wolverine X2, Wolverine X4, or Wolverine RMAX2 / RMAX4 here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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Some riders know exactly what they bargained for with their Yamaha Wolverines. They have experience with side-by-sides, they’re familiar with the terrain in their area, and they are self reflective enough to know their own temperament behind the wheel. Folks of this ilk come to Everything Yamaha Offroad to retrofit their machines so that their vehicle fits their personal needs. Puddle pounders and river riders, for example, frequent Everything Yamaha Offroad to find mud-related Yamaha Wolverine accessories like fender flare extensions, extra-wide mud tires, and high-torque clutch kits that pull better on the low end with heavy tires installed. Dune drivers and beach bums, on the other hand, will likely want sand-related Yamaha Wolverine accessories like pre-filters, particle separators, and paddle tires. And just like the different terrain types riders encounter, the different use cases of each rider will also warrant the need for different Yamaha Wolverine accessories. 

A trail rider who camps with their family over the weekend in a Yamaha Wolverine X4 /RMAX4 will require something different that a user who mostly conducts chores around the ranch in their Yamaha Wolverine X2 / RMAX2. Similarly, while accessories such as Yamaha Wolverine gun racks are almost compulsory for hunters, they’ll be of little use to those who don’t own firearms at all. And although strict off-road riders can still benefit from Yamaha Wolverine turn signals, mirrors, and horns, riders who find themselves driving on paved patches of public blacktop should always run the requisite Yamaha Wolverine street legal accessories. Accordingly, we tell new Yamaha Wolverine owners to drive their machines around for a few hundred miles or so over varied terrain and in inclimate weather. Doing this gives you a better understanding of how the UTV operates, exposing the weak points that can then be remedied with the appropriate aftermarket Yamaha Wolverine part, kit, or accessory. And after you’ve honed in on the right product, it’s dang-near effortless to place an order through Everything Yamaha Offroad!

If you stick to daylight hours, you may never have to turn your headlights on, let alone invest in a bunch of aftermarket Yamaha Wolverine lighting accessories. But for the nocturnal riders, the crepuscular riders, and the riders who experience fog, blizzards, and other low-light situations, something like the 30” Yamaha Wolverine dual-row light bar kit by Pro Armor sure comes in handy. Some light bars for the Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec and RMAX include light bar brackets. Others, however, will require mounts like the Yamaha Wolverine light bar brackets by EMP. Aside from light bars, pod lights and cube lights can also be mounted on the a-pillars with c-clamps to provide a wider scope of view, while chase lights as well as reverse lights are great for backing up or illuminating tow-behind trailers! And because we’re on the subject of trailers, we can’t fail to mention the myriad Yamaha Wolverine hitch products available at Everything Yamaha Offroad. To run Yamaha Wolverine hitch baskets, hitch winches, or hitch hoists, you’ll first need a Yamaha Wolverine hitch plate / hitch receiver. From there, you can start perfecting your setup with ancillary accessories like drop hitches, tri-ball hitches, and the various types of UTV hitch balls, hitch pins, and hitch adapters. If you like to spend your time shopping, you can deck your rig out piecemeal with various accessories from various destinations. But if you’d rather spend your time riding and want the assurance that you’re getting the best possible product for the best possible price, buying exclusively from Everything Yamaha Offroad is the way to go!

When considering the bountiful abundance of aftermarket Yamaha Wolverine accessories, it’s important to know the year, model, edition, and trim style of your vehicle. The 2021-2022 Yamaha Wolverine XTR, for example, has the same roll cage as the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX. As such, most Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 and RMAX4 windshields will fit the modern X2s and X4s. That being said, R-Spec edition Yamaha Wolverine models manufactured between the years of 2018 and 2020 have a totally different cage than both the RMAX and the new 2021-22 X2/X4 Wolverines; and as such, accessories like roofs and windshields may not be compatible with your machine. 

No matter which edition of the Yamaha Wolverine you have, chances are that you’ll want to keep your rig looking spotless. Not only can the Yamaha Wolverine cleaning products we offer like Purple Power and SC1 make your machine shine, but by cleaning your side-by-side after every ride – and deep cleaning your machine from time to time – you wash away gunk that would otherwise wear components out and cause premature fading, rust, and corrosion. Lubricants are also key for maintaining a properly-functioning UTV. So repacking your wheel bearings, U-joints, and other Yamaha Wolverine grease points with the proper greases using proper grease guns is crucial. So by all means, get a Yamaha Wolverine full underbelly protection kit with skid plates and rock sliders, add a front bumper with lights and a rear bumper that preserves the factory bed-dumping functionality, and install a brush guard with some nerf bars to handle anything from stumps to saplings. But no matter how many protective accessories you install, you’ll still need proper upkeep with not only grease, but also Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec / RMAX oils, fluids, and filters. When the time comes, you can find all of these products at Everything Yamaha Offroad. So get some rock lights and a backup camera to rock crawl, or get a rearview mirror with a built-in dome light for rearward vision and in-cab illumination. But whatever you decide to go with accessory wise, make sure to capitalize on the low prices, fast fulfillment times, and friendly service only available at Everything Yamaha Offroad!