Long Travel Kits

If you’re wanting a higher ride, a more stable ride, or a plusher ride, look no further than the Yamaha Wolverine X2 long travel kits, Yamaha Wolverine X4 long travel kits, and Yamaha Wolverine RMAX long travel kits from Everything Yamaha Offroad! On top of complete Yamaha Wolverine long travel kits, here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we also sell adjustable long travel shocks, arched long travel a-arms, and HD long travel axles!

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When it comes to long travel kits and long travel suspension setups for the Yamaha Wolverine, praxis is clearly more difficult than theory. For the front of the vehicle, it’s not unreasonable to fab up long travel a-arms, long travel shocks / shock towers, and long travel axles. But where the rear of the machine is concerned, there’s only so much travel to be gained from a dual a-arm setup. UTVs like the YXZ use trailing arms or short / long arm configurations because of this fact. However, if there’s a will, Everything Yamaha Offroad will always find a way. And so, to find Yamaha Wolverine X2 long travel kits, Yamaha Wolverine X4 long travel kits, or Yamaha Wolverine RMAX long travel kits, the only place to look is Everything Yamaha Offroad!

Those reading this have likely searched far and wide for aftermarket Yamaha Wolverine parts and accessories. The sad fact of the matter, however, is that the Wolverine doesn’t get a lot of aftermarket support. For this reason, we’ve made it our mission to deliver as many products to Wolverine owners as humanly possible; and this includes Yamaha Wolverine long travel kits as well as the related components like Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4 long travel shocks, Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 long travel axles, and Yamaha Wolverine long travel tie rods. Nearly all the best locations are difficult to access, but you’ll increase your chances of getting there with a long travel kit installed on your rig. And on top of providing users with the greater ground clearance that allows them to navigate the gnarliest of terrain, Yamaha Wolverine long travel kits also yield a plush ride that’s silky smooth! No matter why you’re interested in a Yamaha Wolverine long travel kit, don’t wait a second longer and pick one up from Everything Yamaha Offroad now!