Air Intake

Whether you’re wanting to bypass the stock air box on your UTV using an aftermarket Yamaha Viking air intake relocation kit, or if you’re simply after a Yamaha Viking air filter replacement, you can find the exact air intake parts and air intake components to meet your needs by shopping at Everything Yamaha Offroad. Be it a pre-filter to prevent water and dust from infiltrating your machine, or a new Yamaha Viking air intake manifold to replace your broken one, we’ve got the air intake products you seek at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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There’s no question that your Yamaha Viking or Viking VI engine compartment takes in a veritable buffet of dirt, dust, and other small particles every time you take her out on a ride. With so much to contend with in the arena of air quality, getting as much oxygen to that engine as possible should top your list of priorities as a UTV owner. To meet this fundamental need, we’re growing a top-rated selection of Yamaha Viking and Viking VI air intake relocation kits, covers, air intake filters, and much more for you to choose from. Looking to work around your stock air box? We’ve got the relocation kits you need. Or, if you simply want to upgrade your filter game for an easy performance boost, our racing-grade filters by Moose and other reputable brands will get the job done at a forgettably small price.

The best thing about revamping your air intake for the better is that it benefits every manner of UTV rider, whether you’re a racer, a workhorse, an adventurer, or what have you. Just like us, every Yamaha Viking needs clean air, and since we’re in the business of over-accommodating, we’ve made sure to cover all the bases. We’ve got the best products from the best brands, all of which we would use ourselves, because that’s what drives our philosophy. Get your Yamaha Viking air intake relocation kit, air intake screen, sensors, filter, and more with Everything Yamaha Offroad and feel the difference that a well-supplied engine provides.