From Yamaha Viking rear axles and front axles to Yamaha Viking axle nuts and CV boot replacements, don’t wait and fulfil all your aftermarket axle needs with the help of Everything Yamaha Offroad today! We carry SuperATV axles for the Yamaha Viking, High Lifter axles for the Yamaha Viking, and beefed-up Yamaha Viking axles from a range of other aftermarket part makers!

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Sometimes, the components you can’t see are among the hardest working, which is exactly the case with the Yamaha Viking axle (and most other vehicles, really). It may not feel like a shiny new toy, but snag yourself one of these superior-grade Yamaha Viking or Viking VI axles, axle boots, axle guards, and other accessories from our selection, and you’re likely to notice a whole new experience nonetheless. We’ve got racing-quality replacement axles, complete suspension packages with included axle shafts, Yamaha Viking touring axle replacements, and seriously heavy duty Yamaha Viking axles from 8 Ball and Warthog. These impeccably tough replacements are much closer to upgrades, as they’ve been subjected to intense static torsion and fatigue tests and precision-machined for perfect OEM fitment.

Moreover, if you’re going to swap out that factory axle, why not opt for the toughness and precision of an oxide-coated, 4340 chromoly-steel beast? As tough as our heavy duty Yamaha Viking replacement axles are, they’ve also been engineered with great care to ensure that they fit your Yamaha Viking like a glove while significantly bolstering CV joint stability. It’s always a win-win when you can invest in a reasonably priced upgrade that far outperforms factory in terms of miles per dollar, and with these Yamaha Viking axles and accessories, you’ve got improved ride quality and peace of mind to “boot” (first and last pun, promise). Come and see us for all your Yamaha Viking or Viking VI axle needs at Everything Yamaha Offroad, and as always, we’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have.