Batteries and Chargers

Keep your rig in working order and ensure that it always starts no matter what the conditions entail by investing in a Yamaha Viking battery, a Yamaha Viking battery charger, or a Yamaha Viking dual battery kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad. Get a trickle charger / battery tender to prevent overcharging, or pick up a secondary Yamaha Viking Yuasa battery, CCA battery, or AGM battery to power all of your energy-hungry accessories!

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We’ll be the first to admit that it’s way too easy to pop in a new battery and completely forget about it until there’s a problem, but if you’re not interested in playing “stranded-in-a-mud-pit-roulette,” we are here to reward your wise decision to purchase a Yamaha Viking battery or charging system with an amazing selection of top-grade products. Whatever your need, we’ve got Yamaha Viking and Viking VI battery upgrades, replacements, chargers, cables, and other accessories to ensure you’ve always got the power you need when you need it. As we often try to do with our product categories, we’ve accommodated both casual Yamaha Viking riders and more hardcore tinkerers with both simple batteries/chargers and more complex systems if you’re looking for more of an overhaul.

Rest assured, it doesn’t stop at Yamaha Viking or Viking VI batteries and chargers. We have solar chargers, a variety of testers, miniature power banks, jump kits, and more. Even if nothing is wrong at the moment, the prepared will always benefit from understanding how their battery is faring from day to day. This will help with future purchase planning, powered accessory use, and as mentioned, the all-important endeavor to not get (really) stuck in a mud pit. As usual, we only provide products that we would use ourselves from the highest echelon of UTV accessory brands, including Optimate, Hornet Outdoors, Rugged Radios and several others. Ready to catch that next surprise breakdown by surprise? Then “take charge” of your Yamaha Viking with a sensible and affordably priced Viking battery upgrade, charging system, or accessory.