Bumpers and Brush Guards

Looking for the best way to protect your rig from damage? Check out our selection of Yamaha Viking bumpers and brush guards! Whether you need a front bumper, rear bumper with a winch mount, or the Yamaha Viking EMP bumper from Extreme Metal Products, we've got you covered. At Everything Yamaha Offroad, we have all the bumpers and guards you need to keep your vehicle safe and secure, no matter where your adventures take you. So why wait? Visit us today and browse our selection to find the perfect Yamaha Viking bumper or brush guard for your needs!

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So long as you don’t treat it as a license to ram into stuff (that’s not how it works), a solid Yamaha Viking or Viking VI bumper, bumper/winch combo, bumper guard, brush guard, or other bumper accessory is simply a must. UTV riding isn’t exactly cruising along to church on Sunday mornings; it can get a little rough and unpredictable out there. To prepare you for the inevitable, our selection of Yamaha Viking bumpers, brush guards and more will protect both ends of your ride and, most importantly, the people in it from serious harm in the event of a collision. As usual, we refuse to sell any products that we wouldn’t trust ourselves, which is especially true in the case of this vital safety feature. Hence, all of our Yamaha Viking bumpers and accessories are from top-tier brands like Bison, Ranch Armor, Dragonfire, and more.

Speaking of, let’s take a little jaunt through our selection. If you’re looking for a solid all-purpose bumper that will fit OEM like a glove, Dragonfire has an excellent standard front bumper featuring an easily installable, powder-coated steel frame that looks awesome on your ride. When it’s time to “cover your rear,” as they say, Ranch Armor has an equally tough rear bumper made specially for the Yamaha Viking. But we can’t let the bumpers themselves get away with all the glory, because they couldn’t do their jobs nearly as effectively without a supporting cast of brush guards, bumper clams, and more available at Everything Yamaha Offroad. The question isn’t whether or not to have a bumper, but, which awesome option do you choose?