Cab Enclosures

Envelop your UTV with a Yamaha Viking cab enclosure to reduce in-cab noise, increase in-cab heat, and prevent dust and rain from infiltrating the cockpit of your side-by-side! Be it a full Yamaha Viking cab enclosure kit, a Yamaha Viking hard cab, or a Yamaha Viking soft cab, the perfect cab enclosure is waiting with your name on it here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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The freedom is fully in your hands when it comes to our selection of Yamaha Viking cab enclosure doors, full-on enclosure kits, cab seal kits, accessories, and more. Whether you want something you can throw on and whip off in a flash or if you’re looking for a more permanent addition to your ride to protect your side by side against harsh conditions, we’ve made sure to accommodate every type of Yamaha Viking cab enclosure customer. Beyond flexibility of mounting (which ties into the material the cab enclosure is made from), we also wanted to make sure that our customers could choose between full kits and modular setups that allow you to add and take away individual pieces as suits your needs. Basically, we did it again - we dug deep to accommodate all of our loyal customers with the most highly rated and durable Yamaha Viking cab enclosures on the market.

Why Yamaha Viking cab enclosures, you ask? Depending on whether it’s a hard cab enclosure, aftermarket kit, or soft cab enclosure, there are dozens of applications for enclosures depending on your scenario. They can help heat accumulation and retention in your cab, cut down on external noise and/or focus hearing on your sound system, and of course, the all-important issue of keeping the steady stream of dust, debris, and more nefarious particles rocks and branches out of your way. Finally, like most other game-changing aftermarket components for the Yamaha Viking (or any UTV), we’ve made sure to include a supporting selection of heaters and other accessories to help you get the most out of your Yamaha Viking enclosure.