Cargo Racks


Space is obviously a valuable currency to the Yamaha Viking enthusiast, which you can fortunately build upon with a well-made accessory. We stress “well-made” because, well, the wrong Yamaha Viking or Viking VI cargo rack could spell disaster as the flimsy mounting hardware rattles itself off and spills your gear all over the trail. Never fear, we’ve got the most convenient and durable Yamaha Viking cargo racks from Ranch Armor, Strong Moade, Moose, and more at Everything Yamaha Offroad. Speaking of, these top-rated accessories deliver convenience in multiple ways. First, you can mount them just about anywhere when the entire category is taken into account: hood, behind the rear, in/above/around your bed, and much more. Moreover, they’re designed to keep a low profile while maximizing storage capacity so you can drive uninhibited and keep your belongings safe.

If you’ve poked around our site before, it goes without saying that we only allowed the toughest and most well-designed Yamaha Viking utility racks in our selection, such as this front-mounted rack from Ranch Armor. This basket ain’t for picnics - it’s powder-coated, tubular steel design can handle the most rigorous of riding conditions while keeping your gear totally safe. What’s more, it mounts super easily and adds an aesthetically pleasing accent to your ride. Simply hook it up to a 2” hitch receiver, load your gear and ride. If you’ve ever hesitated before bringing along that piece of gear on the basis of not having enough space, it’s time to make a change. Why should you have to do without when there are solid Yamaha Viking VI cargo racks like these around?