Carrier Bearings

Because we carry everything from drive shafts and drive shaft yokes to Yamaha Viking carrier bearings, there’s nowhere better than Everything Yamaha Offroad for those looking to upgrade, repair, or replace their vehicle’s driveline. We provide riders with greasable Yamaha Viking carrier bearings, sealed Yamaha Viking carrier bearings, and heavy-duty Yamaha Viking carrier bearings that’ll leave their stock counterparts in the dust!

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To find anything from Yamaha Viking 700 carrier bearings and one-way bearings to Yamaha Viking VI hanger bearings and complete carrier bearing kits, the one and only place you need to look is Everything Yamaha Offroad! Some folks visit the site to get Yamaha Viking carrier bearing replacements of the correct size and style after their stock bearings go bad. Others notice that their Yamaha Viking carrier bearings are making strange noises, and choose to swap them out because of that. But regardless of whether you’re seeking a Yamaha Viking carrier bearing upgrade to prevent a potential issue down the line, or if your prop shaft is completely off the rocker and requires a Yamaha Viking carrier bearing replacement ASAP, we’re here to serve you in any way possible at Everything Yamaha Offroad. Plus, because our shipping times are swift and our processing speeds are faster than a turbocharged side-by-side, you won’t be waiting long to get your rig back up and on the trail again!

Using a stock-style carrier bearing replacement is one way to repair a broken driveline. But if you’d rather fix the problem once and for all, an aftermarket Yamaha Viking carrier bearing is arguably the best way to do it. In some cases, you might only need the bearing itself. In other cases, however, you may have to get a complete Yamaha Viking carrier bearing assembly that includes the housing, bearing, seals, etc. When it comes time to make the repair, it’s a relatively straightforward process if you know what you’re doing. To start, you must first remove the bolts on the front differential, and then slide the front diff forward a hair so that the drive shaft has enough space to come out. The whole prop shaft should come out as a single piece, but you might have to separate them depending on your Viking model by pressing the u-joint out and removing the nut holding the yoke on the shaft that the carrier bearing is on. Nevertheless, once you’ve got everything removed and your new carrier bearing ready to install, make sure to also grease the splines on the front and back of the shaft before you put it back in. And if the u-joints look bad, you may as well replace those while you’re at it! Be it Yamah Viking carrier bearings, one-way bearings, or even complete drive shaft replacements, don’t struggle to find what you’re after in a world of backorders and out-of-stock products by buying straight from the source at Everything Yamaha Offroad!