Clutches & Clutch Kits

Everything Yamaha Offroad is the go-to place if you're looking for a reliable and long-lasting solution to all your Yamaha Viking clutch problems. Our selection of Yamaha Viking clutch kits, clutch greases, and clutch weights will provide you with everything you need for a quick and efficient fix. Whether you need a replacement clutch, some clutch shims, or the essential tool for effortless clutch removal, our wide range of clutch-related products is guaranteed to fulfil your needs. At Everything Yamaha Offroad, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products that are designed to last. So, if you want to tackle your Yamaha Viking clutch problems with confidence, look no further than Everything Yamaha Offroad for all your clutch-related needs.

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Absolutely central to the peak performance of your Yamaha Viking or Viking VI is, of course, a well-supported clutch. Whether you’ve procrastinated until something broke on you or if you’re proactively looking to upgrade/build upon your factory setup, Everything Yamaha Offroad has built a growing selection of Yamaha Viking clutch tools (including Yamaha Viking clutch removal tools), clutch pullers, secondary and primary clutches, and all kinds of aftermarket clutches just for you. Whether you’re riding on stock tires or looking to shred the sand in some dune-ready trekkers, we’ve got full-on kits and replacement parts for all takers - mud, trail, sand, or wherever you want to romp around. Our goal here is simple, but difficult to execute: find the best Yamaha Viking clutch replacement parts, tools, and comprehensive kits from the best brands.

When durability meets performance, you’ll feel it. That’s the whole idea with this category - bringing you Yamaha Viking clutch pullers, primary and secondary clutches, and aftermarket clutch kits that will slave away for you without the hassle of constant maintenance. This is why we don’t settle for anything - whether it’s a simple puller or a full kit - other than the best products from industry frontrunners like EPI, SuperATV, and more. Tires and terrain aren’t the only reasons to upgrade your clutch over factory, either. Considering how integral a solid clutch is to power transference, if you want that Yamaha Viking to respond like no other, then we’re here with a perfectly crafted Yamaha Viking clutch kit solution for you.