Drive Belts

Keep your Yamaha Viking running smoothly by being proactive about replacing its drive belt. At Everything Yamaha Offroad, we offer a great selection of high-quality drive belts at affordable prices. You can choose to replace the drive belt preemptively or keep a spare handy for when the existing one wears out. Either way, we�re here to help you get what you need to keep your Yamaha Viking running smoothly. Don�t wait until it�s too late to replace your drive belt - shop with us and enjoy great savings and quality products.

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Ah, the often overlooked drive belt - the backbone of any smoothly running side by side. For this workhorse, we have made sure to dedicate a solid selection of Yamaha Viking drive belts by EPI and G Boost, including several options for heavy duty use. You know better than anyone what you’re going to take that UTV out for, so come to us with your situation and we’ll hook you up with the perfect Yamaha Viking drive belt for your situation. Regardless of whether you’re skittering across a dirt trail or bouncing along more unpredictable terrain, everybody could benefit from a massive boost in durability. We shudder even mentioning it, but every rider with experience knows the sound of a worn out Yamaha Viking drive belt all too well. We’re here to prevent that.

 Literally named the “Bad Ass Drive Belt,” G Boost has such an incredibly durable Yamaha Viking drive belt on offer, we can’t help but mention it here. This thing is made with ridiculously strong aramid fiber cord, which is rated to handle a whopping 10,000 pounds of tension, seriously outperforming both factory and the vast majority of aftermarket Yamaha Viking drive belts. This belt is also fortified with DUMAX, a high-temperature compound that adds strength, flexibility, and heat resistance, a powerful combination for a drive belt. And this is just one of several Yamaha Viking drive belts we have on offer, so make sure to take a look around and find the perfect solution for you.