ECU Tuners

Maximize the power of your rig with a Yamaha Viking ECU reflash or take complete control of your machine's ECM with a Yamaha Viking ECU tuner from Everything Yamaha Offroad! These tuners can do wonders by removing rev limiters and adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio, especially after installing an aftermarket exhaust. By investing in a Yamaha Viking ECU tuner, you can unlock a vast array of possibilities, making your machine run more smoothly and efficiently. Everything Yamaha Offroad is the go-to place for Yamaha Viking ECU tuners, and we offer the finest quality of products to ensure that your ride is always up to the mark. So, what are you waiting for? Opt for a Yamaha Viking ECU reflash or tuner and witness the difference yourself!

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At the heart of every Yamaha Viking enthusiast is some level of affinity for tinkering. Whether you were the kid taking apart and reassembling gadgets and/or if you spent fifteen minutes going down the rabbit hole of TV remote settings, we all have some kind of fascination in making things work better and exploring new ways to use our gear. One UTV accessory that lets you entertain both of these interests to great practical effect is the Yamaha Viking ECU tuner. There’s no better way to truly take control of your ride than to, well, literally take control of your electrical system with a well-designed tuner. Our selection of Yamaha Viking ECU tuning kits and ECU upgrades will take your ECU programming to the next level, opening a whole new world of controls so you can run your Yamaha Viking the way you want to.

The possibilities are just about endless with a Honda Pioneer ECU programming upgrade, which will allow you to access information about speed, voltage, your trip distance, the engine temp, ambient temp, and more key metrics. But you don’t just monitor - you can remove rev limiters, make critical fuel-to-air ratio adjustments after putting in a new exhaust, and a whole lot more. Looking to increase your horsepower and throttle response with a plug-in-ready ECU tuning solution? We’ve got you covered here as well, and for a sensible investment at that. As always, our tuners are offroad-ready, and after mastering their many functions, you will be also.