Fuel Packs and Mounts

Need more fuel to go further? Get an external UTV gas tank or Yamaha Viking jerry can from Everything Yamaha Offroad. You'll never have to worry about running out of petrol on long rides. We also offer Yamaha Viking fuel pack mounts for added convenience and safety. These mounts help maximize your cargo space so you can bring more on your ride. Browse our selection of Yamaha Viking fuel packs and gas packs today to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Obviously, the integrity of your Yamaha Viking fuel tank, fuel can, or gas can holder is not something you want to compromise on if you’re going to be bouncing around some gnarly terrain (or otherwise, really). Though they might be easy to pass over on the one hand, if you’re making the savvy decision to carry some spare fuel on hand, you shouldn’t be penalized for this with the constant nagging fear of leaks, faulty mounts, and so on. To make sure you can have the best of both worlds - an ample fuel store and peace of mind - we have definitely gone a little bit overboard in sleuthing the best products possible for this need. We’ve got ridiculously durable Yamaha Viking spare fuel cans, lock and ride gas cans, and other kinds of gas can holders designed to mount easily and secure your fuel tank like no other.

Your days of wedging that generic gas can into the back corner of your bed with who knows what are over, because our safe and sensible Yamaha Viking lock and ride gas cans will mount on your Hornet Outdoor racks or bed rails with ease, stay out of the way, and secure your extra fuel with absolutely zero jerry-rigging required. Simply mount up and secure your included canister on the ingeniously designed swivel mount that accommodates any tube angle when mounting. Simply put, if you’re looking to store extra fuel without the stress, keep it close enough but out of the way with these extremely durable, top-rated Yamaha Viking fuel tanks, gas cans, and mounts.