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What to Look Out for When Buying Yamaha Viking GPS and Navigation Accessories?

Portable vs Fixed Viking GPS Devices

When considering the purchase of GPS and navigation accessories for the Yamaha Viking, several factors come into play to ensure that the selected equipment meets the specific demands of your vehicle and your adventures. 

The choice between dashboard-mounted and portable devices is a significant consideration. Dashboard-mounted GPS systems offer convenience through seamless integration with the vehicle's power supply, ensuring they are always ready for use without the need for charging. 

These systems typically feature larger screens, providing clearer visibility and easier navigation while driving. In contrast, portable GPS devices afford flexibility as they can be used not only within the Viking but also in other vehicles and for outdoor activities on foot. 

Their versatility makes them ideal for those who enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits beyond driving.

Build Materials and Durability

The build materials and durability of the GPS device are critical, especially considering the rugged environments where the Yamaha Viking thrives. Devices should be constructed from tough, durable materials that can resist vibrations and impacts encountered on rough terrains. 

Look for GPS units that are waterproof and dustproof, ideally with high IP ratings, which indicate a strong ability to withstand challenging conditions without compromising functionality.

Added Features

Additional features of GPS units can significantly improve your navigation experience and overall ownership experience.

Modern GPS systems may include a range of functionalities like Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for the integration of mobile devices for hands-free calls or streaming music. 

Touchscreen interfaces are becoming commonplace, offering intuitive navigation through the menus and quick access to all the features. Voice command capabilities can be particularly beneficial, enabling drivers to operate the GPS without diverting attention from the trail. 

Offline map features are important for areas where mobile service is unreliable; ensure the device offers comprehensive map coverage for the regions you plan to explore.

Display Quality

Choosing between a high-resolution IPS display and a standard TFT screen can also impact visibility under different lighting conditions. 

IPS displays generally provide better viewing angles and color accuracy, important for clear visibility under the sunlit conditions often encountered outdoors.

Installation and Ease of Use

For dashboard-mounted systems, the integration process should ideally be straightforward, possibly requiring professional installation to ensure optimal positioning and functionality. 

Portable devices should come with practical mounting options that secure the unit in a viewable yet non-intrusive location within the Viking.

Overall, when selecting a GPS and navigation accessory for your Yamaha Viking, it's essential to balance the device's specific features with the type of use it will endure. 

Opt for a model that provides the necessary ruggedness, ease of use, and additional features to match your outdoor and navigation needs, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable experience on every adventure.