Hand Controls

If you have limited mobility in your lower body, you can still operate a Yamaha Viking with the help of Everything Yamaha Offroad. We offer hand controls, control kits, and accessories that allow you to take control of the driver's seat easily and safely. Our gas and brake hand controls are straightforward to use, and they won't require significant modifications to your vehicle. Additionally, we have Yamaha Viking steering wheel attachments such as spinner knobs, palm grips, and pin grips, perfect for those with limited upper body mobility. You can operate a Yamaha Viking without a perfectly functional body thanks to our useful products. Everything Yamaha Offroad is here to support all riders, regardless of physical ability, to experience the thrill of off-road adventures.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Yamaha Viking Hand Controls?

Choosing the Right Type of Grip

Comfort and functionality are essential when selecting the type of grip for your Yamaha Viking hand controls which is why you need to consider your typical driving conditions and any personal physical needs.

Palm grips are designed for prolonged use, offering comfort and reducing fatigue, making them ideal for those with hand or wrist sensitivities. Tri-pin grips provide a secure, slip-resistant hold, perfect for navigating wet or muddy environments where control might otherwise be compromised. Single-pin grips are known for their lightweight design and ease of maneuverability, suitable for less demanding terrains.

V grips with their unique design, cater to drivers who find traditional grips challenging, offering better leverage and control.

It's advisable to test each grip type to determine which best meets your driving requirements and personal comfort, so take your time and do your research!

Build Material Considerations and Durability

The durability of hand controls is significantly influenced by their material composition and the types of materials you go for.

Rubber and plastic grips offer basic functionality and some resistance to environmental factors, but aren’t really all that useful for more serious use. Aluminum and zinc provide a sturdier build, with added resistance to wear and corrosion, ideal for harsher conditions.

Be sure to also consider options with anti-corrosive coatings if you frequently ride in moist or salty conditions to ensure longevity and functionality.

Installation and Usability

Always opt for hand controls that feature simple, straightforward installation processes that can relied upon in a hurry.

Therefore, look for Yamaha Viking designs that are user-friendly and do not require extensive modifications to the vehicle.

Controls that can be easily adjusted or removed can significantly enhance the flexibility of use, particularly beneficial for riders with specific medical conditions who may need custom setups.

Special Features

Consider controls that integrate adaptive technology or customization options that cater to limited mobility or dexterity. Some hand controls are specifically designed to accommodate medical braces or support devices, enhancing both comfort and control.

For racing enthusiasts, lightweight materials and designs that offer quick responsiveness and minimal exertion are preferable.

Leisure riders might prioritize comfort and ease of use, with features that enhance the relaxed driving experience.