Heat Shields

Everything Yamaha Offroad offers a wide range of heat shields for Yamaha Viking models, including exhaust heat shields, engine bay heat shields, bed heat shields, and cabin heat shields. Our selection includes rear differential heat shields and exhaust heat deflectors, ensuring we have the right product for your needs. Whether you are looking for added protection or want to enhance your Yamaha Viking's performance, we have a heat shield that will meet your requirements. Our high-quality heat shields are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and are made to last. Shop with us today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your Yamaha Viking is protected from heat damage. Order now and take advantage of our competitive pricing and fast shipping.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a racer or a Sunday driver - that side by side is going to build up plenty of heat in some potentially problematic areas if you don’t protect yourself. And we’re not just talking about singed lower extremities either; if you really want your vehicle to be protected from heat buildup, then it’s time for a Yamaha Viking engine heat shield, seat heat shield, and more. We’ve got the cabin and engine compartment covered, as well as just about everything in-between. The question isn’t whether or not you need one, but, how can you tell the difference between a high-quality Yamaha Viking heat shield and an imitator? Sticking to the top brands in the aftermarket UTV accessory industry helps (like Design Engineering, for example), but it’s also important to know what specs to look for.

Whether you’re working with sheathing, plate, or wrap, your Yamaha Viking engine heat shield, foot heat shield, or seat heat shield should be designed with a few telltale quality indicators. For one, Yamaha Viking heat sheathing for your hoses and wires should be well-insulated, aluminized, and rated to handle at least 1500 degrees (Fahrenheit) of radiant heat - preferably more. This is the minimum set of standards we uphold for all of our Yamaha Viking heat shields. Depending on which components/areas you’re focusing on, you will likely need something that’s fairly pliable to sufficiently cover the area. This is especially true in the case of exhaust wraps, which have the daunting task of maintaining maximum flexibility while protecting from temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. And you guessed it - all of these and more are available from the top brands in our Yamaha Viking heat shield collection.