Lighting and Electrical

Everything Yamaha Offroad has a wide range of lighting and electrical components for Yamaha Viking. They offer Yamaha Viking light bars, front and rear Yamaha Viking light kits, as well as various lighting accessories for the vehicle's interior and exterior. These include dome lights, accent lights, rock lights, cube lights, and daytime running lights. Whatever your needs are, Everything Yamaha Offroad has the products to meet them. They are a one-stop solution for all your Yamaha Viking lighting and electrical requirements. So, if you're looking for quality lighting and electrical components for your Yamaha Viking, look no further than Everything Yamaha Offroad.

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Boy, do we have a lot of ground to cover (pun intended) with this Yamaha Viking lighting and electrical category. One of our most expansive and well-reviewed categories in our entire catalog, this collection is dedicated to bringing you the best of the best in Yamaha Viking light bar mounts and kits, light bar wiring solutions, light switches, bar brackets, auxiliary lighting, plugs, signal kits, headlight conversions, and literally dozens of other product types, totaling hundreds of individual products. Our rationale here was to accommodate virtually every possible need a side by side owner could have in the lighting department, whether that’s setting up a more subtle assembly of cab lights and maybe a singular roof light bar or going whole-hog with Yamaha Viking rock lights, strobe kits, cab lighting, and a full panel of switches to control it all.

 Though we couldn’t possibly fit even a summary of all our Yamaha Viking roof mount light bar, brackets/mounts, underglow lights, electrical connectors/switches, and other lighting components on this page, we can explain our simple rationale in just a few steps. First, we only allow in products from the best brands to do it in the industry, including Pro Armor, Rough Country, Quad Boss, Moose, and more. Next, we carefully balanced power, convenience, durability, and efficiency to bring you an assortment of Yamaha Viking lighting systems that will mount just about anywhere, consume less power, and endure all the rigors of offroad riding without you having to worry. In a nutshell, whatever you need for your Yamaha Viking lighting setup, we’ve got a top-of-the-line option (or five) ready to go.