Long Travel Kits

Transform your Yamaha Viking into a force of obstacle-tackling with our Yamaha Viking Long Travel Kits category!

Engineered specifically for your Viking, these kits are designed to transform both the appearance and performance of your vehicle, making every ride unforgettable.

These long travel kits include advanced shocks, durable bushings, precision-engineered spindles, and robust A-Arms for the front, complemented by high-performance control arms and trailing arms at the rear.

Unleash your Viking's true nature, tackle trails with ease, and let your adventurous spirit take over!

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Standard bracket lifts for the Yamaha Viking are great, but they do have drawbacks that can prove detrimental in some circumstances. And although portal gear lifts are extremely rugged and reliable, they too aren’t perfect for all applications. So if you’re wanting more ground clearance, a wider stance, and a ride that’s smoother than a Cadillac, a Yamaha Viking long travel kit could be right for you! At Everything Yamaha Offroad, we carry all sorts of long travel systems for the Yamaha Viking, the Viking VI, and the Viking 700. Our selection includes Yamaha Viking long travel axles, Yamaha Viking long travel a-arms, and even complete Yamaha Viking long travel kits by companies like Cognito, SuperATV, and HCR Racing. Unlike some long travel products out there, the ones we sell don’t produce excessive amounts of negative camber – which is hard on wheel bearings. And when paired with long travel shocks, our Yamaha Viking long travel kits allow for ultimate adjustability, enabling users to go from one terrain type to another while still maintaining the level of plushness to which they’ve grown accustomed!

Some lifts and aftermarket suspension setups for the Yamaha Viking are designed for slow crawling, while others are geared more towards fast-pace racing environments. Yamaha Viking long travel systems, however, can handle it all. The articulation they provide is super helpful when rock crawling. And when you encounter bumpy roads, ruts, and whoops, you’ll be able to eat them up with ease without even tapping the brakes so long as you’ve got a long travel kit installed! No matter what kind of riding you do, you’re sure to benefit from a Yamaha Viking long travel kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad!