Portal Gear Lifts


If you’re planning to up your clearance more than just a little bit and/or run some honking big tires, then a Yamaha Viking or Viking VI portal gear lift may be the perfect option for your situation. Our lifts provide as much of a 30% gear reduction, helping deliver more torque for those tougher clambers over debris and/or on hilly terrain. They’re not for everyone, but if that’s what you need, then it’s hard to be a Yamaha Viking portal gear lift. It’s even harder to beat one from our selection because, if it’s not constructed with billet or cast aluminum housing, precision ground gears, hardened steel shafts, and other high standards we demand, then it simply doesn’t get in. Make sure to check compatibility with your wheel size, but as long as everything will fit, we highly recommend these Yamaha Viking Portal Gear lifts for a one-and-done lift job that actually stays put without the worry.

Of course, you may just need a lift seal, bearings, or other components to service your portal gear lift, which is why we make sure to accommodate the odd fix as well as total from-the-ground kits. If this is you, make sure to hit up our collection of high-quality rebuild kits from brands like SuperATV. We’ve got all kinds of systems ready to go, and as always, we’re more than happy to help if you have any questions. Ready to lord over those petty rocks and twigs like the king of the trail? Let’s get lifted.