It matters not whether you’re after a Yamaha Viking 6 roof, a Yamaha Viking audio roof, or a Yamaha Viking metal roof, because at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we carry hard tops and soft tops for the Yamaha Viking that are as good as they come. Our Yamaha Viking plastic roofs and Yamaha Viking aluminum roofs are streamlined and lightweight, while our Yamaha Viking roof kits with built-in roof racks are the perfect accessory for those who require extra cargo space.

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Fewer accessories can provide the perfect combination of safety, utility, and even entertainment value like a Yamaha Viking aftermarket roof can. Whether you’re looking for a Yamaha Viking roof with a radio, a roof with speakers and/or a stereo, a roof liner, accessories, or just about anything else to do with an aftermarket Yamaha Viking roof, we’re here to hook you up with exactly what you want. We wouldn’t be able to claim that, of course, without a variety-filled selection of the best Yamaha Viking aluminum, metal, soft top, and hard top roofs from UTV accessory powerhouses like Rough Country, Curtis Industries, Greene Mountain, and more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting “just a roof,” but if you’re looking to squeeze as much utility as possible out of every square inch of your ride, the roof is an excellent opportunity to do so.

For example, we have soft top roofs that come on and off in a cinch, allowing you to adjust with the seasons and/or situational weather conditions easily. If you want to keep weight low, both our soft top and aluminum roofs weigh in at impressively low weights, all without sacrificing durability thanks to their superior design. On the other end, we’ve got hard tops with audio built in, Yamaha Viking roofs with lights, metal roofs, roofs with cargo racks, and all kinds of varieties available for riders looking to double up on functionality. Protect yourself from the elements and debris the right way with a precision-engineered Yamaha Viking aftermarket roof.

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