Shocks & Springs

Looking to improve the quality of your ride? Yamaha Viking shock upgrades can provide added plushness and comfort while heavy-duty springs can help handle heavier loads. Need more clearance for off-road adventures? Yamaha Viking spring spacers and long-travel shocks can help. From individual shock and spring components to complete suspension kits from top brands like Fox, 814, and Shock Therapy, Everything Yamaha Offroad has everything you need to upgrade the suspension on your Yamaha Viking. With these upgrades, you can expect to be riding on clouds, enjoying a smoother and more comfortable ride no matter where the road takes you. Browse our selection today and start experiencing the benefits of high-quality suspension upgrades from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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If you haven’t noticed, side by side adventuring is pretty far removed from the plushy world of interstate driving, which is why your Yamaha Viking shocks and springs need to be more than a little prepared for the road (er, trail) ahead. For the real rough riders like us, a Yamaha Viking shock upgrade, adjustment, or replacement is top priority if you want to go just about anywhere. That’s why we carry a diverse selection of full replacement kits from the top brands as well as all kinds of parts, including Yamaha Viking bushing kits, spacers, spring spacers and compressors, air shock parts, and a whole lot more. Better yet, a solid set of Yamaha Viking shock guards like those we offer from Assault Industries will keep you out of the garage longer.

Down to every little spring and spacer, precision-engineering and durable construction are absolutely paramount to the success of any Yamaha Viking shock upgrade, spring replacement, or other job. Especially if you’re swapping out factory parts with aftermarket shock components, you don’t want a weak link at any point in the chain that’s going to overtax the system and lead to damage. Appreciating that importance, we’ve made sure to only provide the toughest and most well-designed Yamaha Viking shock bushing kits, heavy duty shocks, springs, and more from the best brands in the industry. Swap out what you need, feel the difference in performance, and see if you can stay away from the garage for a while, eh?