Skid Plates

Don’t let the undercarriage of your rig become damaged by installing a Yamaha Viking skid plate kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad today! Not only do we carry full Yamaha Viking skid plate kits here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, but we also sell Yamaha Viking rear skid plates, Yamaha Viking front skid plates, and Yamaha Viking bash plates as well!

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To paraphrase a wise man, you can’t control what happens out there, but you can control how you respond to it, which is the perfect philosophy for a Yamaha Viking skid plate. Nobody’s going to swerve around every single rock, branch, and what have you, but if you’re rocking a full Yamaha Viking aluminum skid plate from one of these leading brands, you certainly don’t have to. They’re not invincible, but these aftermarket Yamaha Viking UHMW and aluminum skid plates will provide your chassis, a-arms, and even engine components with a massive boost in protection. Basically, this is the single largest difference you can make in the UTV accessory world when it comes to just being able to drive how you want without worry. 

What makes these particular Yamaha Viking skid plates so special? First and foremost, our various options will allow you to cover exactly the areas you want to, including the often overlooked a-arms. If you want to go full body armor, then we have UHMW and aluminum Yamaha Viking skid plate kits that bolt on easier than you think, or you can get insular and protect specific components to a degree. Raw toughness isn’t the only thing differentiating a high-quality Yamaha Viking skid plate from imitators; we make sure to only provide products that fit perfectly as well, and if you need a lighter option, aluminum works wonders. When you’re ready to skate across those rocks without a care, then check out our top-quality selection of Yamaha Viking skid plates.