Snow Blowers

From compact 48-inch models to impressive 72-inch machines, we've got the best Yamaha Viking Snow Blowers the current market has to offer!

Each blower is built tough with solid steel and equipped with simple electric controls and adjustable chutes to direct snow where you want it.

They're user-friendly, durable, and designed to meet environmental standards. When it comes to sheer power, we've got blower motors ranging from 10-15hp entry-level models all the way up to 22hp+ professional blower motors!

No matter how you look at it, if you need a snow blower, we have it all for you right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Yamaha Viking Snow Blowers?

Snow Blower Motor Strength

When considering snow blowers for your Yamaha Viking, start with the power as that’s the main driving factor of efficient snow blowing. Models ranging from 15 to 18 horsepower are perfect for lighter snowfalls and occasional driveway clearing. 

For tougher jobs, opt for models exceeding 18 horsepower, perfectly matched to the Viking's capabilities. If you are really serious, going for 20hp+ models is also a possibility.

Build Materials and Construction

Crafted from heavy-duty steel, these Yamaha Viking blowers are built tough to handle the harshest winter conditions, ensuring lasting performance. They're environmentally friendly too, meeting strict EPA regulations which are a necessity in many parts of the world.

Also pay attention to all of the smaller components such as the joints, bolts, screws, and similar since these are important for continuous operation without failure.

Ease of Use

With intuitive electric switches and ergonomic controls, operating these blowers is a breeze. Adjustable features like deflectors and frames add versatility, adapting to varying snow depths.

Sometimes it’s better to go with simpler models since these will offer everything you need without worrying about all the bloatware some Yamaha Viking models come with.

You need efficient and reliable snow-blowing, nothing more than that. 

Maintenance and Safety

Maintenance is made easy with accessible service points, spare parts availability, and comprehensive warranty support. Proper winter upkeep ensures peak performance when you need it most. Proper storage is also important for maintenance, so keep that in mind as well.

Safety is a priority. Auto shut-off mechanisms and protective guards keep operations safe, while proper off-season storage preserves the blower's condition.

Invest in a Yamaha Viking snow blower for reliable, efficient snow clearing, tailored to match the Viking's ruggedness and versatility, ensuring you're ready for any winter challenge.