Storage Covers

Protect your Yamaha Viking during all occasions with Everything Yamaha Offroad's seat covers, travel covers, and storage covers. Whether you have the Yamaha Viking 1000, Yamaha Viking 700, or Yamaha Viking 6-seater, we've got you covered with a wide selection of covers. Our covers not only protect your ride during use, but also during transport and downtimes. You can trust our products to keep your Yamaha Viking safe from harsh weather conditions and potential damage. Shop with us and get the perfect cover to fit your specific year, model, or edition of the Yamaha Viking. Don't let the elements take a toll on your ride; invest in one of our high-quality Yamaha Viking covers today!

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Sure, that cheap hardware store tarp you’ve had shoved onto a shelf in your garage may serve for a night or two, but if you’re looking to seriously storage-proof your side by side for longer periods of time and with zero damage whatsoever, then it’s time for a Yamaha Viking storage cover. The last thing you need when going about your life in the off-season is to be nagged by worry about how your UTV is doing under that flimsy cover. “But it’s just a cover,” you might be thinking, “Does it really matter?” To that we will answer with this: how long does it take you to feel like you need a shower as you’re tinkering in the garage? Multiply that by days, weeks, months, who knows, and you’ve got a potentially serious issue. But not with our Yamaha Viking storage covers, because they’re specially made to fit your ride perfectly and protect like no other.

So what’s so special about these particular Yamaha Viking cargo box and storage covers? It all starts with the seal. We’ve included plenty of options that feature elasticized seams and tie-down straps so you can really cover your vehicle, which is the vital first step in safely storing it. Next, we’re bringing super-heavy-duty, water- and weather-resistant materials that will stand up to just about any conditions. Moisture is not your friend in this case, just like dust and debris. To keep them from sneaking in, we only settle for the best materials. Get yourself covered today and unveil that beautiful Yamaha Viking with less worry.