Street Legal

Drive wherever your heart desires with a Yamaha Viking street legal kit or Yamaha Viking road legal kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad. You can pick up individual Yamaha Viking street legal components like blinkers, lighted licence plate mounts, and mirrors, or you can get all-in-one Yamaha Viking street legal packages to make your rig 100% compliant under the law!

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Despite the rebellious nature of UTV ownership, we riders can still play by the rules when we want to, thanks to this comprehensive catalog of  Yamaha Viking street legal tires, brakes, lights, and other kits and parts. Whether you’ve already been piecing together the components you need to achieve street legal status and you just need a light here or a mirror there, we’ve got your back. If you’re starting from scratch, we also have all-in-one kits designed to meet compliance with several jurisdictions. By the way, if you want your Yamaha Viking to be street legal in California, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, or any other state, the important first step is to look up the requirements, as they vary slightly.

The first stop on our tour of the best Yamaha Viking street legal catalog in the game is the all-important issue of lighting. Regardless of state, it’s highly likely you’re going to need lights, a lighted license plate, and turn signals. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a set that provides all of these without spending hours and hours on tedious wiring? Boom, done. Next, we have fire extinguishers and mounts, which we’ve provided several options for so you can mount in various locations while still maintaining compliance. Mirrors are generally a must, and believe us when we say we have a selection of fully upgraded breakaway, dual axis, and other versatile mirrors that will seriously outdo stock. For license plate holders, parking brakes, stickers, plates, and all the hardware you need to make your Yamaha Viking street legal, we’ve got you covered.