Switches and Wiring

Install, fortify, and reconfigure your rig’s electrical system with the Yamaha Viking wiring diagrams, Yamaha Viking wiring harnesses, and Yamaha Viking accessory wiring kits from Everything Yamaha Offroad. And for unmatched comfort, ease, and controllability, we also sell Yamaha Viking switches (both rocker-style switches and toggle-style switches), Yamaha Viking switch panels, and Yamaha Viking switch plates as well!

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Regardless of whether you need to replace the old and worn-out switches in your UTV with a new Yamaha Viking switch panel, or if you’re running a dual battery kit and require the right Yamaha Viking wire harnesses, wiring connectors, and other wiring products to link all the relays, switches, and fuses to the busbar, battery or accessory panel, we carry it all here at Everything Yamaha Offroad! Our selection of Yamaha Viking switch plates includes options that run on keyed power, and other options that’ll continue to work even after the vehicle has been parked and the key withdrawn. Some riders prefer toggle-style switches, which we offer in spades here at Everything Yamaha Offroad! Or if you want a set of rocker switches and a Yamaha Viking rocker switch panel to put them in, we have those as well! Be it a Yamaha Viking ignition switch and fan switch for your 700cc machine, or a Yamaha Viking brake switch, light switch, and reverse switch for your six-seater Viking VI, we’ve got the best products at the lowest prices at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

Procuring the correct Yamaha Viking switches and wiring kits is only half the battle, as even the best electric equipment won’t function properly if it’s not installed properly. So if you’re the type of rider who turns your own wrenches, it might behoove you to have a Yamaha Viking wiring diagram at the ready! Most Yamaha Viking accessory wiring is color coded, which makes it super easy to tell where each wire is supposed to go. And with a plug-&-play Yamaha Viking wiring harness, splicing wires won’t be necessary. Whatever your switch needs entail and no matter what kind of Yamaha Viking wiring products you’re after, we’re guaranteed to have the perfect parts and accessories for you at Everything Yamaha Offroad!