Tire and Wheel Accessories

Everything Yamaha Offroad offers a range of UTV tire and wheel accessories to keep your Yamaha Viking in top shape. In addition to upgraded tires and rims, it is important to pay attention to your Yamaha Viking tire pressure, wheel bearings, and lug nuts. You can find everything you need at Everything Yamaha Offroad. If you experience a flat tire, we stock Yamaha Viking tire plugs, tire sealants, and patch kits. We also carry replacement Yamaha Viking lug nuts and hubcaps. Don't neglect the small details that can make a big difference in the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. Shop with us for all your Yamaha Viking tire and wheel accessory needs.

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We know how excited you are to have landed that amazing set of Yamaha Viking tires and wheels, and it’s well deserved, but don’t forget to take care of them! Yes, it’s the less sexy and exciting side of it, but if you don’t monitor/maintain your precious purchase with Yamaha Viking lugs, bearings, sealants, pressure gauges, repair kits, and other maintenance must-haves, then even a solid set of tires from us will eventually fail you. No tire is indestructible, and if you wait until the problem gets really bad, then you might be in for an unnecessary replacement or expensive repair. But we don’t like to go there - instead, hook yourself up with one of these Yamaha Viking lugs, adapters, spacers, bearing greasers, or whatever you need to keep those tires performing their absolute best. Get it done, ride on, save money, and forget about it.

First up on our tour through this life-saving category is a huge selection of OEM-compatible as well as upgraded Yamaha Viking lug nuts from brands like Quad Boss, made from super durable materials that will last as long as you need. Another absolute life saver is a high-quality tire sealant like Monster Seal, which, while it won’t fix everything, is definitely worthy of the small investment for how many times it will save you on the road. Better yet, you can use Monster Seal on high- and low-pressure tires. For these and whatever else you need, we’ve got the Yamaha Viking tire and wheel accessories to keep those babies happy and churning away in the toughest conditions. Go have fun out there!