Tire & Wheel Kits

Are you tired of the hassle of swapping out your tires and wheels on your Yamaha Viking? Look no further than Everything Yamaha Offroad for pre-mounted tire and wheel kits that will simplify the process and enhance your off-roading experience. Our packages are made by top aftermarket part manufacturers in the industry to ensure that you get the best quality products available. You can trust that our Yamaha Viking tire and wheel packages will exceed your expectations and provide you with the reliability and durability needed for any terrain. Upgrade your ride and take your Yamaha Viking to the next level with our unmatched tire and wheel kits.

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Who says you have to do all the grunt work yourself just because you want to treat yourself to a new set of tires for your UTV? With these Yamaha Viking tire and wheel kits from top brands like STI and Maxxis, you can enjoy the convenience of a pre-mounted tire and wheel kit without sacrificing durability or performance. Get yourself a set of Machined Comp Lock Beadlock Wheels with a 1200-lb load rating and 10mm thick billet beadlock ring to fortify you against the craziest of conditions from Maxxis. This set is the perfect demonstration of the ingenuity and toughness driving this category of Yamaha Viking tire and wheel kits - it’s all about bringing you the best of the best in a much easier package.

Just like there’s nothing wrong with getting your Yamaha Viking tires and wheels pre-mounted, we won’t judge if you’re in this to add a little bit of flare to the visual, either. If that’s your aim, then check out these STI HD7 Radiant Wheels from Maxxis. Available in red, blue, and orange shading to match your ride, these tires are anything but eye candy. They’re still rated to handle 1000-pound loads, and the 6-ply construction is up for just about anything you and/or mother nature throw at it. Look awesome, ride even better, and get this done with a fraction of the hassle using a Yamaha Viking tire and wheel kit. Once you hit the road (or mud, or sand, or whatever you’re into), you’ll feel the difference.