Get better grip, more ground clearance, and countless other benefits from the Yamaha Viking tires, tire kits, and tire accessories available at Everything Yamaha Offroad. Be it Yamaha Viking tire chains for winter riding, a set of taller Yamaha Viking tires for a raised ride height, or terrain-specific tires such as mud tires, sand tires, and street-legal tires, you’ll find all that and more at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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Perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to seizing full command over any terrain is the all-important matter of finding the right Yamaha Viking tire set. Whether you’re looking to upgrade over factory with an all-purpose tire, gain more ground clearance with some larger tires or specialize your vehicle for sand, mud, and what have you, this is an excellent opportunity for purpose-driven customization. So, which will it be? If you’re looking to get not-so-stuck in the mud, we’ve got several options from Super ATV, ITP, and other industry-leading brands that will definitely earn an eyebrow raise on your first excursion out there. Similarly, if you’re looking to skate across the sands in that buggy of yours, then we’ve got 2-ply sand tires with dual rib center designs for professional-grade steering and control.

No matter what kind of Yamaha Viking tire you’re going with, whether you’re looking for mud tires, street tires, paddle tires, and anything from 27-inch to 30-inch tires and bigger, the common themes here are durability and quality. Everything is engineered precisely for its purpose, whether that’s radial tire technology with flexible sidewalls for racing or specialized paddles and grooves for handling intense terrain. Most of all, these tires are guaranteed to outperform stock on the durability front, and they don’t look too shabby either. Check out our collection of Yamaha Viking tires today, pick up a spare, and be ready for more than the road ahead - be ready to wander off of it in confidence.