There are heavy-duty winterized tires, virtually bulletproof enclosures, and more, but if you’re really looking to convert your ATV into a tank, then you can’t get much tougher or more versatile than a Yamaha Viking track system. There simply is nothing these ultra-rugged track mount kits can’t do, which is to say, there’s nowhere they can’t go. If you live in an area with higher annual snowfall, a Yamaha Viking snow track system will massively increase your year-round viability, saving you from storing your trusty side by side for months at a time. If you’re going to do it, of course, you might as well do it right, which is why we have the latest and greatest in highly adaptable, super rugged, and precision-engineered Yamaha Viking track systems and mount kits. 

If it seems like we’re pumping them up a little too much, let us explain why Yamaha Viking track systems really are a wintertime traversal game changer. First, they even out your weight distribution so you can be ready to power through each inch of snow without worrying about constantly see-sawing up and over mounds of snow and other obstacles. Thanks to the intelligent design, the curved shape of these track systems allows you to maintain a surprising level of handling, even as you churn through a foot or more of fresh or not-so-fresh powder. As always, the super-durable construction means that when you get a Yamaha Viking track kit from us, you’ve made a long-term investment that will pay for itself in no time. Check them out today, pull your side by side out of storage, and ride how you were meant to.

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