Air Intake

Help your Wolverine RMAX2, RMAX4, X2, or X4 breath easily with the Yamaha Wolverine air intakes and air intake accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad! We’ve got air intake parts and components for the Yamaha Wolverine like air filters and pre filters, as well as Yamaha Wolverine 350 air intakes and Yamaha Wolverine R spec air intakes.

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If there’s one thing your Yamaha Wolverine’s engine needs to perform at its best, it’s cool and clean airflow. Good air intake is essential for any motorized vehicle, and the Yamaha Wolverine is no exception. Not only do you want your Yamaha Wolverine’s engine to be getting a high volume of airflow, but you want this airflow to be clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris. Here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we have everything you need to accomplish your Yamaha Wolverine’s air intake goals. You’ll find UTV air intake parts and accessories such as replacement air filters and complete side by side air intake kits from top brands like DragonFire Racing and K&N. You might be surprised at just how big of a difference aftermarket UTV air intake parts and accessories can make for the performance of your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2, R-Spec, or RMAX4.

Just like with your car or truck, it’s important that you are regularly replacing your Yamaha Wolverine’s air filters. If you’ve been neglecting to replace your Yamaha Wolverine’s air filter, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes clogged with dust and debris, restricting the amount of air intake your Yamaha Wolverine’s engine gets. That’s why you should stock up on the Yamaha Wolverine replacement air filters we have here such as the Yamaha Wolverine Replacement Air Filter by K&N. These aftermarket UTV air filters are specially designed to offer more air filtration than stock air filters without sacrificing airflow to your Yamaha Wolverine’s engine. Find all the best UTV air intake parts and accessories for the Yamaha Wolverine right here!