Get Yamaha Wolverine X2 axles, Yamaha Wolverine X4 axles, and axles for both the front and rear of each respective Wolverine RMAX2 and RMAX4 model here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. And on top of that, we also sell Yamaha Wolverine axle bearings and CV axles as well as provide helpful information like stock Yamaha Wolverine axle nut torque specs.

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The Yamaha Wolverine’s stock axles might be good enough if all you’re planning to do is go for leisurely drives down mostly level terrain, but if you’re the type that can’t resist the challenge of conquering the roughest terrain, it’s only a matter of time before your OEM axles give out. Unlike the durable, reliable, and long-lasting aftermarket UTV axles we have here for the Yamaha Wolverine, stock axles aren’t built to last. Unfortunately, many Yamaha Wolverine owners learn this the hard way. This is why so many of them come to us for front axle replacements or rear axle replacements. Here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we’ve got the best aftermarket Yamaha Wolverine axles and axle replacement parts in the business from top brands like 8 Ball, SuperATV, High Lifter, Quad Boss, Demon Powersports, and All Balls Racing.

If you want to upgrade your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX or R-Spec with some front axles or rear axles that won’t break, check out our selection of heavy-duty axles. One of our favorites is the Yamaha Wolverine Heavy Duty Axle by 8 Ball. While these heavy-duty axles are precision made for OEM fitment, they are much bigger and stronger than stock. They also feature a black oxide coating for rust and corrosion protection. And if it’s your Yamaha Wolverine’s CV boots or joints you’re looking to replace, we have replacement CV boots and CV joints as well. The Yamaha Wolverine Heavy Duty Replacement CV Joint Kit Rhino 2.0 by Super ATV makes replacing your CV joints easier than ever before.