Body Panels & Accessories

Replace your Yamaha Wolverine body panels, your Yamaha Wolverine body parts, and your Yamaha Wolverine cowling pieces with the low-priced yet high-quality products from Everything Yamaha Offroad. Because we have both individual body panels as well as complete Yamaha Wolverine body kits for the X2, X4, RMAX2, and RMAX4, chances are we carry the body-related accessories you seek!

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Sometimes, what’s on the outside is just as important as what’s on the inside. We believe this is especially true when it comes to body panels and body accessories for the Yamaha Wolverine. Aftermarket UTV body panels and body accessories can offer both a stylish and functional upgrade for your Yamaha Wolverine. For instance, the aftermarket side by side scooped hoods for the Yamaha Wolverine we have not only look great, but they will also increase the cool airflow your Yamaha Wolverine’s engine needs to perform at its best. Check out the Yamaha Wolverine Upper Hood by Maier Powersports. This custom UTV hood comes in five different color options and is a great way to boost your Yamaha Wolverine’s air intake.

Besides for the good looks aftermarket UTV body panels and body accessories can add to your Yamaha Wolverine or Wolverine RMAX, they can also offer it extra protection that can be much needed if you’re into hardcore off-road riding. The custom side body panels, rear body panels, and front hoods we have here for the Yamaha Wolverine are built from much stronger materials than stock body panels and body accessories. Don’t let their heavy-duty and durable construction fool you however. These Yamaha Wolverine side panels, rear panels, and custom hoods also manage to look great. The Yamaha Wolverine body panels and body accessories we have here can also be ordered in a variety of different colors, making it easy to match the color scheme you are going for with your Yamaha Wolverine. Find all the best aftermarket UTV body panels and body accessories for your Yamaha Wolverine right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!