Farming Implements

Use your side-by-side for casual gardening or hardcore agriculture with the Yamaha Wolverine farming implements, RMAX2 farming tools, and RMAX4 farming attachments from Everything Yamaha Offroad! Regardless of the crop you’re growing, the ground conditions where you reside, and the other factors that affect yields, our Yamaha Wolverine farming tools like plows, discs, spreaders, and planters are all surefire ways to optimize your farming tasks!

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The Yamaha Wolverine manages to strike a balance between work and play that very few other UTVs and side by sides on the market can. One day you can be splashing through a mud course with your Yamaha Wolverine, and the next you can be dragging a plow across your field. When you’re not using your Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec or RMAX for recreational purposes, aftermarket UTV farming implements can be a great way to maximize your Yamaha Wolverine’s utility. With side by side farming implements like drag harrows, disc plows, cultivators, mowers, cultipackers, drag mats, scarifiers, and rakes, you might be surprised at just how much you can accomplish around the farm or ranch with your Yamaha Wolverine. You might even find that you can finally get rid of that clunky old tractor you’ve had sitting around for years.

One of the best ways to start using your Yamaha Wolverine around the farm or ranch is by ordering one of our complete UTV farming tool kits like the Yamaha Wolverine Pro 5 Piece Attachment System by Impact Implements. This farming tool attachment system comes with a 52” plow blade, a 62” landscape rake, a cultivator plow, a one-point lift system, and a disc plow. All of these Yamaha Wolverine farming implements are built from heavy-duty 14 gauge steel tubing and are easy to install and adjust to fit your needs. Another useful tool that doesn’t come in this farming tool system is mowers. The Yamaha Wolverine Rough Cut Mower by Kunz makes mowing your yard easier than ever before.

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