Heat Shields

Don’t deform, melt, or burn components on your machine and install a Yamaha Wolverine heat shield / heat shield kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad! No matter if you’re after a Yamaha Wolverine exhaust heat shield, a Yamaha Wolverine engine heat shield, or a Yamaha Wolverine bed heat shield, you’ll find anything related to heat shielding for the Yamaha Wolverine here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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When you’ve got a UTV as powerful as the Yamaha Wolverine, excess radiant heat is inevitably going to be a problem. Radiant heat can rear its ugly head in many different places on your Yamaha Wolverine or Yamaha Wolverine RMAX. Not only can radiant heat make your Yamaha Wolverine’s cab uncomfortably warm or your exhaust pipe dangerously hot, but it can also damage electrical components and accessories. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have good heat shielding, heat sleeves, and heat tape for your Yamaha Wolverine. If you’ve noticed radiant heat becoming a problem on your Yamaha Wolverine, take a look at some of the heat shields and heat protection parts and accessories we have here at Everything Yamaha Offroad.

Don’t risk letting radiant heat from your engine ruin expensive electrical accessories on your Yamaha Wolverine. Heat shielding like the Yamaha Wolverine Bodywork Protection Kit by Design Engineering is a super easy way to keep radiant heat contained. This bodywork protection kit comes with a heat reflective sheet, a roll of cool tape, and extreme heat barrier sheets. These heat reflective sheets and tape can easily be cut into any shape you need using scissors. If it’s your Yamaha Wolverine’s exhaust you need heat protection for, check out the Yamaha Wolverine Titanium Exhaust Wrap by Design Engineering. This heat exhaust wrap is designed to withstand 1,800 degrees of direct heat and 2,500 degrees of intermittent heat. Find all the best heat shields, heat sleeves, and heat exhaust wraps for the Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec and RMAX right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!