Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

Console your owner’s manual for locate the manufacturer's suggested Yamaha Wolverine oil change interval, but for Yamaha Wolverine oils, fluids, and filters, there’s nowhere better to consult than Everything Yamaha Offroad! On top of Yamaha Wolverine oil change kits, Yamaha Wolverine transmission fluid, and Yamaha Wolverine differential fluid, we also carry oil filters, air filters, and fuel filters for the Yamaha Wolverine as well!

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It’s a fact of life that if you own a UTV or side by side like the Yamaha Wolverine X2, X4, or RMAX, routine maintenance is a must. When it comes to changing your Yamaha Wolverine’s oil, fluids, oil filters, and air filters, you’ve got two choices. You can either pay an overpriced mechanic or dealership to do it for you, or you can take matters into your own hands and do it yourself. If you’re interested in saving time and money, take a look at the selection of Yamaha Wolverine oil, fluid, and filter replacements we have here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. Radiator fluid running a little low? Check out the Yamaha Wolverine Radiator Relief™ Coolant Additive by Design Engineering. Need more gear oil? The Yamaha Wolverine Portal Gear Oil Portal Blood by Super ATV works great!

There’s no easier way to change your Yamaha Wolverine’s oil than by ordering a side by side oil change kits. Our Yamaha Wolverine oil change kits give you everything you need to change your oil with premium replacement engine oil. Don’t forget about regularly replacing your Yamaha Wolverine’s oil filter! The Yamaha Wolverine Powersports Pro Oil Filters by ATV TEK offer the perfect solution. These oil filter replacements are designed to filter out even the smallest contaminants without sacrificing flow. And if you ever find yourself in a pickle and need to siphon fuel out of your Yamaha Wolverine, we’ve got the Yamaha Wolverine Super Siphon by Moose. All the best Yamaha Wolverine oil change kits, fluid replacements, and filter replacements can be found right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!