Overlanding & Camping

Step up your game with our Yamaha Wolverine Camping and Overlanding gear, a collection where you can get all of your outdoor essentials!

Our lineup includes sleek camping storage solutions to keep your gear tight and right. Kick back in our specially crafted camping chairs after a day on the trails. Cookouts?

We have grills and stoves that handle heat like they should. When night covers the sky, our tough tents and innovative solar gear light your camp, and our coolers keep your stash cold.

Paired with versatile mounts and essential utensils, your Wolverine can be a 5-star hotel in the wild!

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There’s nothing better than being out on the open road, but when you’ve got a UTV like the Yamaha Wolverine or Wolverine RMAX, you don’t need to limit yourself to just roads. Overlanding and camping are two of the most popular activities amongst Yamaha Wolverine owners. If you’re serious about taking an overland or camping trip with your Yamaha Wolverine though, you’ll need to make sure you upgrade it with the best aftermarket UTV overlanding and camping accessories. These are exactly what you’ll find right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We’ve got foam sleeping mats, collapsible fire pits, campsite LED lights, UTV rooftop tents, overland camping trailers, coolers, portable refrigerators, air compressors, and battery jumpers from all the best brands like Rough Country, Hi-Standard Outfitters, Kolpin Powersports, ATV TEK, Hutch Tents, UTV Mountain Accessories, and Assault Industries.

A good tent is one of the most important things to have if you’re going overlanding or camping with your Yamaha Wolverine. One of our favorites is the Yamaha Wolverine Roof Top Tent | Rack Mount | 12 Volt Accessory & LED Light Kit by Rough Country. This roof top tent sleeps 2 to 3 comfortably and comes with a foam sleeping mattress. You can also tow a camper trailer behind your Yamaha Wolverine if you’d prefer. A good one is the Yamaha Wolverine Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road Overlander Camper For UTV by Hi-Standard Outfitters. What’s a campsite without a fire? Once you’ve got your tent sorted, complete your setup with a good fire pit like the Yamaha Wolverine Stainless Steel Smokeless Fire Pit W/Carry Bag by Rough Country.