Roof Racks

It's time you took a look at our Yamaha Wolverine Roof Racks collection—this is the real deal for boosting your storage game!

We’ve got everything you need right here, from tough-as-nails cargo racks to spare tire carriers, along with versatile storage bags and secure cargo boxes that'll handle whatever you throw at them.

These pieces are tailor-made to ramp up your Wolverine's utility, making sure you’ve got room for all your gear, whether you’re heading out for some wild adventures, camping, or just packing extra for the road.

Stick with our top-notch Yamaha Wolverine Roof Racks for supreme storage flexibility and be ready for anything!

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Find yourself lacking storage space on your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2? Or how about inside the cab of your Wolverine X2? If so, you’re not alone. One of the more common complaints we hear about from Yamaha Wolverine owners is about their lack of storage space. If your Yamaha Wolverine’s cab and bed are fully taken and you need more storage space, you should consider utilizing your Yamaha Wolverine’s roof. A good aftermarket UTV roof rack can dramatically increase the cargo carrying capability of your Yamaha Wolverine. And the best part? Everything you store in a roof rack is up and out of the way. You can also strap down and safely secure cargo on a side by side roof rack. A roof rack can give you the extra storage space you’ve been missing for your Yamaha Wolverine’s off-road adventures.

Think you could use an aftermarket UTV or side by side roof rack for your Yamaha Wolverine? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we have a selection of all the best aftermarket roof racks for the Yamaha Wolverine from all the best brands like Great Day and Hornet Outdoors. One of our favorite roof racks is the Yamaha Wolverine UTV Roof Rack by Great Day. This roof rack features a heavy-duty construction from aircraft-grade aluminum yet only weighs 14 lbs. This roof rack features plenty of storage space and is rated to handle up to 100 lbs. Another option is to get a cargo roof like the Yamaha Wolverine 60" Wide Molded Roof with Cargo Tray by Rough Country. Find all the best Yamaha Wolverine RMAX / R-Spec roof racks right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!