Shocks & Springs

Unlock stiffer suspension for heavy loads, plush suspension for a ride like a Cadalic, or adjustable suspension for unmatched versatility with the Yamaha Wolverine shocks and springs from Everything Yamaha Offroad! If you’re unhappy with your existing Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 shock length or just know it’s time for a new Yamaha Wolverine spring kit, don’t hesitate and order the shock and spring accessories you require from Everything Yamaha Offroad now!

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The factory shocks and springs that come stock on Yamaha Wolverine and Yamaha Wolverine RMAX side-by-sides should do the trick if you’re just a casual rider. But if you need to take on particularly challenging terrain, you might want to consider making the investment into aftermarket UTV shocks and springs. You might be surprised at just how big of a difference aftermarket side by side shocks and springs can make for your Yamaha Wolverine’s suspension system. You can find all the hardware and components you need to give your Yamaha Wolverine’s suspension system a massive upgrade right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We’ve got the best Yamaha Wolverine shocks and springs from the best brands such as EPI, Lonestar Racing, Cognito, Weller Racing, and Greene Mountain Outdoors.

The best way to give your Yamaha Wolverine’s suspension system a set of new springs is to order one of our aftermarket spring kits like the Yamaha Wolverine Eibach Spring Upgrade Kit by Lonestar Racing. These suspension springs are designed to offer a huge upgrade in handling and shock absorption over any terrain. This Yamaha Wolverine spring upgrade kit comes with everything you need to easily replace your stock springs. If you’ve been longing for better shocks on your Yamaha Wolverine, check out the Yamaha Wolverine Dual Rate Shock Valving & Setup Package for WR Edition by Weller Racing. These aftermarket UTV shocks are a huge improvement over stock and come with front and rear shock covers. If you’re upgrading your Yamaha Wolverine with a nice set of shocks, make sure you protect them with shock covers like the Yamaha Wolverine Rear Shock Cover Set by Greene Mountain Outdoors.