Skid Plates

At Everything Yamaha Offroad, you can take proactive measures to protect your machine by ordering Yamaha Wolverine skid plates. We offer skid plates for Yamaha Wolverine X4 and Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4. Whether you need a complete Yamaha Wolverine X2 skid plate kit or a front skid plate setup with a brush guard and bash plate, we have it all. Protecting your machine is crucial, especially if you off-road frequently. Our skid plates are made of sturdy materials to ensure maximum protection. Order today from Everything Yamaha Offroad to safeguard your vehicle and enjoy your off-road rides worry-free.

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Some of your Yamaha Wolverine’s most important components are found in your undercarriage. Unfortunately, this also leaves them exposed and vulnerable to damage and abuse. The best way to protect the parts and components of your Yamaha Wolverine’s underside is to make sure you’ve got a good skid plate. The aftermarket Yamaha Wolverine skid plates we have here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, are not just stronger than stock skid plates, but they’re also lighter and more flexible. In addition to this great selection of UTV skid plates for the Yamaha Wolverine, we also have other protection accessories like A-arm guards, CV boot guards, stick stoppers, rock sliders, nerf bars, and differential guards.

If you want everything you need for a new skid plate in one easy order, we suggest you take a look at one of our complete Yamaha Wolverine skid plate kits. One of our best-selling skid plate kits is the Yamaha Wolverine X2-X4 UHMW Ultimate Kit by Factory UTV. These skids are constructed from UHMW, the strongest plastic known to man. Despite being so strong, this skid plate is also incredibly lightweight. Another good choice is to go with aluminum skid plates like the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 2 9-Piece Complete Aluminum Skid Plate Set by Ricochet. Even if you’ve got a good skid plate for your Yamaha Wolverine, your A-arms and CV boots may still be exposed. Make sure you don’t forget to protect them by ordering something like the Yamaha Wolverine iMpact A-Arm CV Front and Rear Boot Guards by Trail Armor. These A-arms and CV boot guards can be ordered in five different color options. Find all the best skid plates and protection accessories for the Yamaha Wolverine right here!