Street Legal

Ride city streets and county backroads with the Yamaha Wolverine street tires and other Yamaha Wolverine street legal accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad. And on top of complete Yamaha Wolverine X2/X4/RMAX street legal kits, at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we also provide riders with individual Yamaha Wolverine street legal parts like blinkers, mirrors, horns, and more!

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With how capable of a machine the Yamaha Wolverine is, it’d be a real shame to limit it to off-road trails and mud courses. By bringing your Yamaha Wolverine or Wolverine RMAX up to your local street legal regulations, you can start getting even more out of your Yamaha Wolverine. With aftermarket UTV street legal parts and accessories, you can start using your Yamaha Wolverine to go into town to run errands, drive down the street to visit your buddy, or simply cruise down scenic country roads. Street legal requirements for UTVs and side by sides can vary a lot by city, county, state, and country, but no matter where you live there are certain street legal parts and accessories that you can count on needing. These are exactly what you’ll find here at Everything Yamaha Offroad.

We have all the street legal essentials for the Yamaha Wolverine such as side mirrors, rearview mirrors, turn signal lights, horns, lighted license plate holders, fire extinguisher mounts, and registration letters and numbers. Our selection of Yamaha Wolverine street legal parts and accessories is supplied by trusted and reputable brands like Strong Made, Moose, XTC Power Products, AJK Offroad, EMP, SuperATV, Bad Dawg, Dragonfire Racing, Axia Alloys, and Hardline Products. The Yamaha Wolverine Universal Self-Canceling Turn Signal System with Horn and OEM Interface Wires by XTC Power Products makes installing turn signal lights and a horn on your Yamaha Wolverine easier than ever, and the Yamaha Wolverine 2" Sideview Mirrors by Moose are a great way to maximize visibility while out on the roads.