Switches and Wiring

Everything Yamaha Offroad has the perfect switches and switch panels for your Yamaha Wolverine needs. We offer a variety of key switches, neutral switches, and dash switches, as well as switch panels, switch plates, and safety switches for the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX. Our selection of wiring diagrams, wiring harnesses, and wiring accessories are designed to provide riders with unassailable electric systems that are both functional and robust. With our products, maintaining and working on your electric system will be an easy task. Trust Everything Yamaha Offroad to provide quality products that will enhance your riding experience.

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With everything from Yamaha Wolverine toggle switches for winches and plows to Yamaha Wolverine rocker switches for whip lights, rock lights, and light bars, the tried and true destination for all kinds of Yamaha Wolverine switches and wiring products is Everything Yamaha Offroad! The 5-pin switches we sell are 100% compatible with the Yamaha Wolverine lineup, and if you need more space, we also sell Yamaha Wolverine switch panels / Yamaha Wolverine switch plates for both the R-Spec and RMAX editions of the Yamaha Wolverine. Some riders opt to mount fuse blocks to the firewall of their rig behind the battery, while others choose to attach their switches directly into the pre-wired factory connectors in the dash. It’s important to note, however, that the four accessory plugs behind the firewall are limited to around seven amps each. Both Yamaha Wolverine wiring diagrams and Yamaha Wolverine wiring schematics will help when doing any kind of electrical work on your machine. And to source wiring kits as well as Yamaha Wolverine X2 switches, Yamaha Wolverine X4 switches, and Yamaha Wolverine RMAX switches, Everything Yamaha Offroad is the place to go!

On top of standard Yamaha Wolverine accessory switches, dash switches, and rocker switch panels, at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we also provide riders with Yamaha Wolverine key switches, neutral switches / neutral safety switches, and parking brake bypass switches. Because of this, it doesn’t matter if you’re adding switches, upgrading switches, or simply attempting to fix a faulty electric system, Everything Yamaha Offroad is guaranteed to have the right products for you! The Yamaha Wolverine wiring harnesses we carry make installing aftermarket accessories a cinch. And the backlit switches we sell for the Yamaha Wolverine match the factory LED color and intensity to the letter! Whatever you need, it can surely be found in the Yamaha Wolverine switch and wiring section at Everything Yamaha Offroad!