Tire and Wheel Accessories

Reach the right Yamaha Wolverine tire PSI with a Yamaha Wolverine tire pressure gauge, and achieve much more with the other Yamaha Wolverine tire and wheel accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad! To combat flat tires, we offer Yamaha Wolverine patch kits, and to keep your wheels turning, we sell Yamaha Wolverine wheel bearings, wheel bearing grease, and even wheel bearing grease tools!!

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One of the best upgrades you can give your Yamaha Wolverine is a new set of aftermarket wheels and tires. New wheels can give your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 the earth-gripping traction you’ve been missing, while news wheels can give you that stylish look that makes your Yamaha Wolverine stand out from the crowd. However, a new set of aftermarket wheels and tires are only as good as the wheel and tire accessories you have for them. There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in need of lug nuts, tire stem valves, tire sealant, tire chains, or even colored LED wheel light strips. Whether it’s to upgrade the tires and wheels you already have for your Yamaha Wolverine or to replace any parts for your tires and wheels, you might be on the lookout for UTV and side by side tire or wheel accessories.

There’s no better place to find the aftermarket Yamaha Wolverine X4 and RMAX4 tire and wheel accessories you need for your rig than right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We’ve got tire chains and lug nuts as well as things you need to repair your Yamaha Wolverine’s tires such as tire sealant, tire pumps, and complete tire repair kits. And if the new wheels you’ve ordered for your Yamaha Wolverine don’t quite fit with your stock wheel hubs, we have aftermarket UTV wheel spacers and wheel adapters. But if you want to make a real impression with your Yamaha Wolverine’s wheels, we suggest you order the Yamaha Wolverine Double Row Color Smart Bluetooth LED Wheel Light Kit by Race Sport Lighting.