Get everything you need for your Yamaha Wolverine at Everything Yamaha Offroad! You can find tool boxes for the Yamaha Wolverine X2, Yamaha Wolverine X4, and Yamaha Wolverine RMAX, as well as a variety of Yamaha Wolverine diagnostic tools, clutch tools, and belt tools. Whether you're looking to upgrade your rig, maintain it, or enhance its functionality, we have the products you need to get the job done. Shop with us to make your next off-road adventure more enjoyable and efficient.

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If you’re unfortunate enough to break down in your Yamaha Wolverine or Yamaha Wolverine RMAX, you don’t want to be reliant on anyone else to help you out. After all, it’s hard for a mechanic or tow truck to reach you if you’re twenty miles away from the nearest civilization. This is why it’s so important to have a good set of tools with you on your Yamaha Wolverine so you can fix whatever issues arise. Here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, you will find a great selection of all the tools and tool kits you need to repair your Yamaha Wolverine. We recommend you check out one of our complete UTV tool kits for the Yamaha Wolverine such as the Yamaha Wolverine On-The-Go Tool Kit (Metric) by Assault Industries. This tool kit lets you bring along all the standard tools you need such as a hammer, wrench, ratchet, socket, and screwdriver all in one easy to carry tool roll.

Having side by side tools on your Yamaha Wolverine is always a smart idea, but what good is it if you don’t have a lift jack? A good lift jack like the Yamaha Wolverine Extended Range Quick Lift Jack by Hornet Outdoors makes it easy to access the underside of your Yamaha Wolverine to make repairs. And if you’re protective of your Yamaha Wolverine’s tools and don’t want to expose them to the harsh outdoor elements, we suggest you order a durable and weather-resistant tool box like the Yamaha Wolverine 16" Diamond Black Plate Aluminum Tool Box by Hornet Outdoors.