Wheel Spacers & Adapters

Find both Yamaha Wolverine X2 wheel spacers / wheel adapters as well as Yamaha Wolverine X4 wheel spacers / wheel adapters by browsing the amazing selection available at Everything Yamaha Offroad! We’ve got Yamaha Wolverine wheel adapters that allow you to run non-conforming rims, and 1” wheel spacers, 1.5” wheel spacers, and 2” Yamaha Wolverine wheel spacers for a wider wheelbase, more clearance around the wheel wells, and better balance while cornering!

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Want more stability for your Yamaha Wolverine? Want to lower the center of gravity on your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX to decrease the chances of rolling? UTV wheel spacers offer the perfect solution. Wheel spacers add a few extra inches of space between wheels on your Yamaha Wolverine, offering a much more stable ride. Here at Everything Yamaha Wolverine, we’ve got a great selection of side by side wheel spacers for the Yamaha Wolverine from great brands like the Yamaha Wolverine Wheel Spacers by QuadBoss. These wheel spacers can give your Yamaha Wolverine’s wheels an extra 2.5” or 3” of space and are built to last with a durable yet lightweight aluminum construction. Installation is easy with a bolt-on design, and these wheel spacers come with the wheel studs and nuts you need.

In addition to wheel spacers, we also have wheel adapters for the Yamaha Wolverine. Wheel adapters are essential to have if you have your heart set on a new set of aftermarket wheels that aren’t compatible with your Yamaha Wolverine’s stock wheel studs. So if you just have to have those aftermarket wheels that have a differing bolt pattern, simply order one of the Yamaha Wolverine wheel adapters we have here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. You also might find yourself in need of some fresh new wheel bearings to replace your Yamaha Wolverine’s worn-out stock wheel bearings. If so, you can’t go wrong with the Yamaha Wolverine Wheel Bearing Kit by EPI. This wheel bearing kit comes with all the bearings and seals required to refit either a front or rear wheel in one easy order.