Whip Lights & Flags

For all your flag- and whip-related needs, turn to Everything Yamaha Offroad. We have a comprehensive selection of Yamaha Wolverine whip lights and flags that are sure to meet your requirements. Additionally, we sell adjustable yet firm flag and whip light mounts for your Yamaha Wolverine. Say goodbye to the hassle of looking for these items elsewhere. We have you covered with our high-quality, durable products that can withstand even the toughest off-road adventures. Shop with us for easy and convenient access to the products you need to customize and enhance your Yamaha Wolverine.

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Who wants to blend in with the crowd? If you want to add some personality, flair, and style to your Yamaha Wolverine or Yamaha Wolverine RMAX, there aren’t too many better ways to do this than by installing aftermarket UTV whip lights and whip flags. With side by side LED whip lights and whip flags, you can really make a statement on your Yamaha Wolverine and stand out from the crowd. There’s no better place to look for good Yamaha Wolverine whip lights and whip flags than right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We’ve got the best UTV whip flags and LED lighted whips for the Yamaha Wolverine from all the best brands such as Assault Industries, 5150 whips, Aces Racing, Klock Works, DragonFire Racing, AJK Offroad, and Race Sport Racing. We also have all the whip flag and whip light mounts and mounting hardware you need to make installing your new whips simple and easy.

Not only do LED whips and whip flags look great, but they’re also a great way to boost the visibility of your Yamaha Wolverine X2, RMAX2, X4, or RMAX4. This can make for a huge upgrade in safety if you’re engaging in activities like sand dune riding where visibility is crucial. One of our favorite whip lights we have is the Yamaha Wolverine Single Remote LED Whip Light by 5150 Whips. This whip light can be ordered in a four foot or six foot size and comes with a wireless remote that allows you to easily change between hundreds of different color options. Get all the best Yamaha Wolverine whip lights, whip flags, and whip mounts right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!