Winch Accessories

Everything Yamaha Offroad provides a wide range of winches, including Yamaha Wolverine winch accessories such as RMAX2 winch mounting plates, RMAX4 winch line replacements in both wire and synthetic options, and R-Spec winch bumpers. Whether you need a snatch block, winch shackle, or a complete Yamaha Wolverine recovery kit, you can find it all here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We offer everything at incredibly low prices, so you don't have to spend a fortune to get quality equipment. For all your winching needs, come to Everything Yamaha Offroad and take advantage of our extensive selection and affordable prices.

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A UTV winch is one of the greatest aftermarket upgrades you can give your Yamaha Wolverine. Winches give your Yamaha Wolverine / Wolverine RMAX the pulling strength it needs to pull itself or your buddies out of any sticky situation. You might have already ordered a good winch for your Yamaha Wolverine, but your side by side winch is only as good as the winch accessories you equip it with. So before you install your Yamaha Wolverine’s new winch, make sure you order some of the quality aftermarket UTV winch accessories we have here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We’ve got everything you need for your Yamaha Wolverine’s new winch including synthetic winch ropes, winch wire cables, winch straps, clevis hooks, shackle ropes, and winch fairleads. We also have the winch mounting brackets and winch mounting hardware you need to install your winch as well as the winch covers you need to protect it.

You can’t install a winch on your Yamaha Wolverine without a winch mount. To make things easier, we recommend you order one of our winch mount kits like the Yamaha Wolverine Winch Mount Kit by Kolpin Powersports. This winch mounting kit comes with all the hardware you need to mount your Yamaha Wolverine’s new winch on one easy order. You also want to make sure you have a good winch rope or winch cable. Synthetic winch ropes like the Yamaha Wolverine 1/4 in Synthetic Winch Ropes by Rough Country are a great choice because they offer heavy-duty strength without adding a ton of extra weight to your Yamaha Wolverine like steel wire cables would.