Windshield Wipers

Looking for clarity in any weather? Our Yamaha Wolverine Windshield Wipers are here to deliver on that!

Featuring rubber blades with an aluminum structure, these precision wipers are engineered for durability and performance. Whether you opt for automatic or manual wipers, you'll enjoy seamless, steady swipes thanks to these robust motors.

Dive into our selection of performance wipers, each custom-designed for the Wolverine, to guarantee a snug fit and unbeatable visibility for all environments.

Upgrade your rig with adjustable wipers, ensuring they line up perfectly with your vehicle’s contours, and count on our rugged replacement parts for lasting reliability.

These indispensable Yamaha Wolverine Windshield Wipers are your ultimate ally. Place your order today and see for yourself!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Yamaha Wolverine Windshield Wipers?

Manual vs Automatic Wipers

When purchasing windshield wipers for your Yamaha Wolverine, the decision between manual and automatic models is and will always be paramount.

Manual wipers, simply operated by hand, offer direct control and simplicity, making them suitable for intermittent use and whenever you want to casually wipe off excess rain from your windshield.

Their basic mechanism minimizes the likelihood of breakdowns and makes them economical and straightforward to maintain, replace, or remove—ideal for riders who frequently adjust their windshields.

Conversely, automatic Wolverine wipers, driven by robust motors, facilitate a hands-free operation. This feature proves invaluable in persistent rain or muddy trails by maintaining clear visibility automatically, enhancing safety during adverse conditions.

For those who experience frequent adverse weather and prefer not to remove the windshield, an automatic system is highly recommended. If your usage is sporadic and in milder conditions, a manual system does just fine.

Build Materials and Construction

The construction of your wipers is critical for durability and efficacy, so be sure to focus on this as well.

It would be best to opt for materials like marine-grade stainless steel and high-grade rubber to withstand rust and degradation in harsh environments. 

Make sure the wipers' blades are made from UV-resistant materials to prevent damage from sunlight and temperature extremes and choose frames designed to resist bending and misalignment under the weight of heavy snow or rain.

Sizing and Fitment

It’s crucial to match the wiper blade length and design with your Wolverine's windshield. Incorrectly sized wipers can leave streaks or gaps, impairing visibility.

Choose a blade that complements the full size and curvature of your windshield, and if your preference leans towards half or folding windshields, select blades specifically designed for these types.

Motor Strength and Spare Parts

For those leaning towards automatic wipers, prioritize models with powerful motors to cope with heavy precipitation. 

Adjustable speed settings are a plus, allowing customization of wipe frequency to match weather intensity.

Finally, consider the longevity of your wiper system. Opt for one with readily available and cost-effective replacement parts like blades and motors. Easy-to-install options are preferable, ensuring minimal downtime and readiness for any weather challenge.