Air Intake

Replace your rig’s air intake with a Yamaha YXZ cold air intake, or keep the dust and water out while still maintaining adequate airflow with a replacement Yamaha YXZ air filter. Be it a pre-filter, a foam filter, or a Yamaha YXZ secondary air filter, you won’t struggle to find the Yamaha YXZ air intake accessory you seek when browsing Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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To get the most out of your Yamaha YXZ’s engine, you need to make sure it’s getting the cool and clean airflow it needs. Air intake is a critical yet often overlooked factor for your Yamaha YXZ’s performance. Too many riders go far too long without changing their Yamaha YXZ’s air filter. Similarly, many riders don’t realize the options available to them for upgrading the Yamaha Wolverine’s air intake. At Everything Yamaha Offroad you will find everything you need to upgrade and maintain your Yamaha YXZ’s air intake system. We’ve got everything from replacement UTV air filters, particle separators, short course air intake systems, and air cleaners from top industry-leading brands like K&N, DragonFire Racing, Weller Racing, R2C Performance Products, Factory UTV, and Agency Power.

When it comes to your Yamaha YXZ’s air intake system, the least you can do is to make sure you’re regularly replacing your air filter. It doesn’t take long for your Yamaha YXZ’s air filter to get clogged up from dirt, dust, and debris. So by not periodically replacing your Yamaha YXZ’s air filter, you’re limiting your engine’s air intake. We’ve got a ton of quality air filter replacements for the Yamaha YXZ such as the Yamaha YXZ Replacement Air Filter by K&N. We also have some great air intake accessories like particle separators and air intake kits like the Yamaha YXZ Air Intake Kit by Dragonfire Racing. Find all the best aftermarket UTV air filter replacements and air intake upgrades for the Yamaha YXZ right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!