Upgrade your Yamaha YXZ stock axles to experience an even better performance with rear, front, or long-travel axles available at Everything Yamaha Offroad. Our wide selection includes Yamaha YXZ axle components such as axle nuts, and replacements to cater to your needs. Whether you're hitting the trails or racing, trust us to provide you with the best quality Yamaha YXZ axles. At Everything Yamaha Offroad, we understand the importance of having a reliable and long-lasting axle for your rig. That's why we only offer top brands and high-quality products to ensure maximum satisfaction. So, say goodbye to your troublesome stock axles and get yourself the perfect upgrade from us today!

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If you like to push your Yamaha YXZ to the limit, you don’t want to rely on your stock axles. Trying to conquer challenging off-road terrain with brittle stock axles is just asking for trouble. This is because OEM axles aren’t exactly built to last the way aftermarket UTV front axles and rear axles are for the Yamaha YXZ. Aftermarket side by side front axles and rear axles offer a much more durable and reliable alternative to your Yamaha YXZ’s stock axles. Lucky for you, all the best aftermarket Yamaha YXZ axle replacements from all the best brands can be found right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We’ve got heavy-duty axles, front axles, rear axles, and axle bars from top brands like Demon Powersports, HCR Racing, Cognito, SuperATV, Warthog, and All Balls Racing. We also have replacement components for your axles such as heavy-duty CV joint kits.

If your Yamaha YXZ has suffered a broken axle or you’re just looking to replace your stock axles before they break in the first place, we suggest you check out some of our heavy-duty axles like the Yamaha YXZ Heavy-Duty Axle by Demon Powersports. These heavy-duty axles are bigger and stronger than stock with a heat-resistant 4340 chromoly steel construction. These axles also feature bigger CV joints with thermoplastic polyester elastomer boots and wider articulation angles. If it’s your Yamaha YXZ’s CV joints that need replacing, simply order the Yamaha YXZ Heavy Duty Replacement CV Joint Kit Rhino 2.0 by SuperATV. All the best aftermarket replacement axles and heavy-duty axles for the Yamaha YXZ can be found right here.